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魔乾 神奇油切布 Magic Dry Wood fiber Dish Cleaning Cloths (22x27cm)

魔乾 神奇油切布 Magic Dry Wood fiber Dish Cleaning Cloths (22x27cm)

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  • 市場唯一採用100%縲縈(RAYON)木漿纖維製成擦拭布,利用天然纖維特有的疏水與導油性,針對大量油垢、污漬或黏著性髒污時,提供比一般擦拭布有加倍潔淨的效果,同時可減少洗碗精用量,降低化學殘留疑慮.
  • 木漿纖維具有纖細蓬鬆且不易硬化的特質,手感柔順不易滑落,亦不會刮傷碗盤細緻表面,使用後以清水簡單沖洗即可乾淨如新,是追求天然有機使用者或家庭廚房必備清潔用品.
  • 通過歐洲OEKO-TEX100綠色驗證及SGS實驗室各項檢驗合格,吸水性強、色牢度佳且不含有害人體或環境之化學或重金屬物質.
  • 環保染整製程,超過業界標準的著色牢度,忠實呈現不褪色不掉色.
  • 台灣股票上市ISO-9001公司研發製造,品質保證使用安心更放心.

魔乾 神奇油切布魔乾 神奇油切布魔乾 神奇油切布魔乾 神奇油切布魔乾 神奇油切布魔乾 神奇油切布

  • The only cleaning cloth made of 100% RAYON wood pulp fiber in the market. with the unique hydrophobic and oil-conducting properties of natural fibers, provides better cleaning effect for sticky, greasy, oily stains than other cleaning cloth.  It can reduce the amount of detergent and chemical residue.
  • Wood pulp fiber is fluffy and hard to harden. It is soft and not easy to slip off, and it will not scratch the delicate surface of the dish. Wash it with water and it is the must-have item for kitchen and natural organic lovers.
  • Certificated with OEKO-TEX100 and SGS, has strong water absorption, excellent color fastness and no chemical or heavy metal substances that harmful to human body or environment.
  • Patented dyeing and finishing process, exceeding the industry standard of coloring fastness, do not fade.
  • Made by listed and ISO-9001 company in Taiwan, you can feel reassured to use our products. 
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